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be fruitful 
To multiply is to reproduce yourself. If you are a doctor, make someone else a doctor.

Get Inspired,Be Fruitful and Multiply


What is fruitfulness? It is to produce something from another in the same kind. You are a tree planted by the streams of waters. Bear your fruit in season. 

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get inspired

Are you feeling low or down hearted? Are you in the place where you do not know what to do next? We have been there too and have sisters who are there.

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Resource Persons 

Multiplication is a method of growth. Cells multiply because things and people grow. fruitfulness is not multiplication. multiplication is the reproduction of the the original source of the fruit. Reproduce your self.

Our Resource Persons are women who have a world of experience by going through difficulties and women are ready to help you. They have been equipped by God for this - helping other women become inspired, fruitful and then multiply themselves.